Case Study Background
Case Study

JackTrip makes music a possibility for Homeschoolers

  • Due to the complexity of remote learning, band and choir programs are not able to exist in online settings.
  • The music teacher responsibility covers a large geographic area given students are not in a central location.  In the case of The Centre for Learning at Home, some students were hundreds of miles away from the teacher.  
  • Students surveyed felt that teaching music online was generally difficult over conferencing services like zoom or Google Hangouts.  
  • Music collaboration was difficult due to latency and poor audio quality.
Home school Zoom meeting
Catherine Scott alongside her students using JackTrip spanning across a 1,000 km distance (approx 600 miles).
  • JackTrip’s cloud-based technology offers a way to teach music online without the strenuous barriers of latency and poor quality audio.
  • Despite being miles apart, the Alberta, Canada based program brought music students together online from over 1,000 kilometers.
  • JackTrip provided an experience like being in the same room enabling an online  music collaboration experience with ultra low latency.
  • JackTrip opens up possibilities for music education for the homeschool programs to grow.
  • The low-latency solution that JackTrip provides helped to initiate a band and choir program for the school.The Centre for Learning at Home launched Alberta’s First Online Synchronous Band and Choral Program.
  • The capabilities of JackTrip technology enabled the Centre for Learning at Home, to extended its curriculum and develop a partnership program with the University of Lethbridge Conservatory of Music. 
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