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JackTrip Radio

JackTrip Radio is now in beta for all Virtual Studio subscribers. This groundbreaking patent-pending enhancement to Virtual Studios enables musicians to share live performances so anyone can listen online through JackTrip Radio. There are no limits to how many listeners you can have. There is no complicated software to learn or install. It simply just works for anyone with a modern web browser.

All running studios can now launch a live Radio broadcast from the Radio tab of your studio. Simply copy and send the URL to as many people as you like. Maybe just invite friends, family, and fans. Maybe invite the entire world.

Key features include:

  • Live stream high-fidelity audio seamlessly
  • Broadcast queue buffering ensures pristine audio quality without clicks or pops
  • Share your live or recorded music with friends, family, or anyone in the world
  • Listen in with one-click streaming access from your computer or mobile device

To encourage everyone to test out these awesome new features during the beta period, any time your studio is  broadcasting publicly on JackTrip Radio will not count against your subscription plan minutes.

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