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  • customize your studio
Girl at the piano logging onto JackTrip
Get The Band Together
  • simplify logistics
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  • sound awesome
Four musicians playing music together on JackTrip
Rehearse Remotely
  • choirs, bands, and orchestras
  • virtual rehearsal venue
  • hybrid online/in-person
Gallery of string musicians playing music online
Create and Collaborate
  • songwriting sessions
  • remote recording
  • live streaming HD audio
Eric Whitacre conducting Sing Gently over Zoom
Jam from Home
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Two people performing together over JackTrip

Make Music Together Online

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JackTrip Labs connects the world’s music makers

"I know that when I go to bed at night and I'm closing my eyes, in my mind we will have all been in the same room."

Eric Whitacre - Composer
Eric Whitacre conducting a choir in person
Larry Dunn of Earth, Wind, and Fire
"An absolutely amazing development in audio technology, from a rehearsal and collaboration standpoint. To be able to have credible sessions with musicians as far as 500 miles away is awesome!"
Larry Dunn - of Earth, Wind, and Fire
"It sounds like we're playing in two booths of the same studio."
Christian McBride - Jazz Night in America, Host & Bassist
Christian McBride smiling next to his upright bass
Dan Tepfer playing at the piano with headphones on
"Neither one of us had played with another human being in over six weeks... Tears were coming out of our eyes practically."
Dan Tepfer - Jazz Pianist
"The fact that no one has to get in a car and drive through (often bad) traffic to get to rehearsal, that all you have to do is sit down in front of your computer, means that we can rehearse much more often and everyone looks forward to it.”
Brian Walker - Engineer and Musician
Brian Walker overseeing a live mixing table
Teja Gerken posing with his guitar
"The bottom line is that it works, and for us, it’s going to be a great way to keep our duo rehearsed.”
Teja Gerken - Fingerstyle guitar duet
"JackTrip brings our champion chorus back into sync after zooming latency made a cappella close harmony impossible. We are now ringing chords with 70+ singers across Southern California and see exciting virtual possibilities as we return to in person rehearsals. The support from the JackTrip Team and Community has been outstanding."
Craig Hughes - Executive Vice President Masters of Harmony
Valerie Sainte-Agathe conducts a choir in person
Masters of Harmony concert event.
"Working with JackTrip Virtual Studio has been life changing for us... JackTrip is part of this technological evolution that will change the way we rehearse and teach, the way we create musical projects but will also add unlimited opportunities for the live performance world."
Valérie Sainte-Agathe - Artistic Director of San Francisco Girls Chorus
“When the boys made that first sound, their faces lit up. To see them respond to their buddies also making music in time, it’s phenomenal. It really is inspiring.”
Kent Jue - Ragazzi Artistic/Executive Director
Kent Jue conducting a choir in person
San Jose Youth symphony playing a concert on stage
"But for the device, our student musicians would not have been able to have meaningful rehearsals with actual ensemble-playing and live performances this season! We are grateful for this cutting-edge technology."
Shoko Michael - Executive Director, San Jose Youth Symphony
"JackTrip has been nothing short of providential in allowing us to advance our mission during these challenging times, keeping our young artists safely and enthusiastically engaged in joyful song! We are profoundly thankful for this technology and our relationship with JackTrip.
Lori Loftus - Founding Director, Southern California Children's Chorus
Lori Loftus smiling
Brad Smith and Mike Dickey shaking hands at NAMM
"The groundbreaking devices by JackTrip Labs pave the way for the future of music creation and music education, facilitating music making in real-time without boundaries."
Brad Smith - Vice President of MI Products at Hal Leonard
Eric Whitacre Sing Gently event call to action
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