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Optimize your experience by following these4recommendationsbelow:
Your Internet Connection
Your Internet connection plays one of the biggest roles in determining latency. Fiber Internet connections (which use cables made out of glass) are by far the best and produce very little latency, typically no more than a few milliseconds.
JackTrip Musicians
JackTrip Musicians
Your Physical Location
The speed of light limits the distance performers can play together, even with the most optimal setups. People residing within one of these geographical regions will likely experience the best results.
Your Audio Interface
Most audio hardware built into computers is too slow to provide low latency results. Upgrading to a new external USB/Thunderbolt audio interface will often provide far better audio latency and quality. Additionally, Windows requires the use of ASIO drivers, which are offered by manufacturers of good external interfaces.
JackTrip Musicians
JackTrip Musicians
Your Other Gear (No Wireless!)
When it comes to audio latency and quality, your microphone, headphones, and home networking all matter. Plug into ethernet and use wired headphones because all wireless technologies (Wi-Fi, 5g, network extenders, wireless headphones, etc.) introduce high latency and jitter and will not work well.